Thinking he can do this without me??!?!!? I’ll show him.

Just kidding, Dust. But I’m back.

I don’t have too much to say other than I’ve loved and lost many things in my 27 (yikes) years, but nothing has devastated me quite like having to say goodbye to my favorite Chemistry teacher, Mr. Walter White. 

After Dexter fucked up the last seven years of my life by turning into a lumberjack- Heisenberg, Jesse, and the rest of the gang ended things the best way i could have ever imagined. I miss them. I love them. I long for them. 

Saying goodbye has never been so hard. Goodbye Walt. Goodbye Jesse. Goodbye Huell.

Hello, Picking Points. I’m back. 


Appreciation in the New Era

If there’s one thing our generation really hasn’t figured out yet, it’s how to show one another that we appreciate their existence.

I’m not saying that people are ungrateful, or inherently selfish (although some are) but rather its more of a generalization about altruism amongst our peers. (or rather, the lack thereof)

Example: Think of the last time someone said something that made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Now, either that someone is your significant other, or probably a close friend or family member. The truth is though- that we say these things without meaning half the time. I can say “I love you” all I want to whoever I want without meaning it. But when you look someone in the eye and tell them “you are special to me, and I treasure your friendship” (or hopefully something not so Teen Disney) it strikes something within that makes you uncomfortable. Know why you’re uncomfortable? Because people aren’t doing this nearly enough…so its weird, you don’t know how to react to that kind of blunt truth. Unfortunately this has become the norm.

Now think of all the people you interact with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis…When is the last time you made it known to them that you really appreciate them in your life? Granted, you might be thinking “me and ___ have a special relationship where I don’t need to say anything, its just understood”. But even the bro-ist of bros tell each other that they love each other like once a week. The bro-ist, of, bros. C’mon…you’re better than that.

I guess the message I am trying to get across is that we need to spread some more love around, because who doesn’t love love? And as an added bonus- you just might make someones day. Speaking of which- I had a revelation the other day when I was watching The Newsroom (that finale, riiiigghhtt?) and it was that…when I was younger and someone would ask me “what do you want to do when you grow up?” I never really could answer it in a normal way. Most kids would hear the question and answer “I want to be a firefighter” or “I want to be the richest man in the world”- but I couldn’t answer it at that age because I couldn’t articulate it correctly. It is still very hard to articulate without sounding lame. But in fear of being very un-bro, I’ll try my best. When I grow up (bit late for that one) I want to make everyone I know happy. I want to find the one thing that everyone is searching for and give it to them. I want to be special to people, and for people to feel special with me. Because that’s what genuine love for one another is. (my future wife is going to effing love me)

Doesn’t really translate into a career well, does it? At least not a legal one.

I haven’t written in a while- and a lot has happened. The Dodgers are going to make the playoffs, football is back on, friends have come and gone…

No matter how hard your daily grind is…remember a few things.

1) Keep grinding.

2) Stop and smell the roses once in a while.

3) Compliment someone everyday, and mean it.

4) Remind those you love, that you do.

And those are my current keys to happiness…oh and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back…so…5 keys to happiness…

- DC


Inspiring Creativity

So I’ve been thinking lately about how lazy I get when I’m home with nothing to do. I mean…I literally look like im one with the couch. I sink in and get cozy and have fallen in this web of video gaming. But it’s really refreshing to be around people that inspire creativity.

My friend Grant recently pitched an idea to me about creating a comic book together, and at first, the thought of it seems pointless. My thought process went something like this “I can’t draw, I’m not that funny, and nobody wants to read my stupid ideas…plus all that time spent on making it and perfecting it…eff it.”

But that’s dumb. I am so dumb for even thinking that- because I truly love creating things that make people happy. Whether it be my cheesy poetry (which I only write for a special few people) or constructing a letter or fancy email at work. Anyway my personal “touch” can brighten someones day…I live for that. I honestly can’t wait to get started on being creative again- because isn’t that what life is about? Using your brain to make those around you happy.

When I was young I think I wanted to be an actor because I thought that being able to be creative to make those around you happier, was my life’s calling. Then I realized how the acting game is a shallow shell of what it was intended to be, so my dream died. And over time, I forgot about being creative altogether. I started writing this blog a few years ago, when I started getting inspired again…and now I really want to delve into it. So I know its not new years, but here’s my resolution - Stop hindering my creativity with laziness, continue to inspire and be inspired, and hopefully by doing so- positively impact those around me.

I can’t draw, and don’t own any musical instruments at the moment (I miss my drumset) but I’ll find new mediums. So I hope you are all ready for some good comic books soon :)

"Every child is an artist; the problem is staying an artist when you grow up." - Pablo Picasso


New York State Of Mind

Hello everyone,

I got back from New York after a week long vacation a few nights ago, and just got around to writing about it! New York was a ton of fun, but it was so exhausting. I’ve never been so pooped in my whole life. To be perfectly honest, it was a truly strange trip…but that was kinda expected. I went alone to a city where I loosely made plans and really didn’t care what I was doing, as long as it was fun.

First thing I am proud of - I didn’t get lost once. I made it all over New York in crazy weather conditions, from JFK to Queens to Harlem to the Lower East Side and didn’t end up dead or lost.

Second thing I am proud of - I accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. In five days, I managed to go to a 3 day music festival, have lunch with my grandma, see an off-broadway show, hit up local spots, meet up with old friends, have a girl’s slumber party w/ Meagan’s friends, go to Baltimore, see an Orioles game, meet a few Angels (Erick Aybar and Alberto Callaspo), have a NY pizza/bagel/italian food, and still made my plane back to Cali with time to spare.

First thing I am disappointed in - I wish I ate more “New York” things. I had pizza and bagels, which were fantastic, but the italian food I had was bougie and non-authentic. I wanted some classic spaghetti and meatballs, ya know? I also didn’t eat enough ethnic food and didn’t get to Chinatown/Little Italy at all.

Second thing I am disappointed in - People were way too nice this trip. Nobody was like “‘ey! I’m walkin here!” everyone was like “Excuse me! Sorry!” the eff NY, I thought you were tough…

Third thing I am disappointed in - The weather. Way to shit on me NY. Seriously. The weekend I arrive they got a TROPICAL storm. And it literally ripped apart the festival grounds. Trudging from stage to stage in ankle high mud was seriously taxing. My calves are still tight, and it ruined a pair of shoes and three pairs of socks. Pretty Lights didn’t even perform, and they were a huge selling point for me to make the trip. But w/e, you win some you lose some.

Surprise of the trip - I stayed with my friend Meagan and her roommate Arielle. Meagan and I have been friends for about as long as I can remember…like 3rd grade…but the night I flew in, she came down with E-coli. E-COLI?! who gets E-Coli anymore? I felt so bad for her, she was hurting for sure. The bright side though, was that her friends were really fun and let me tag along with them. I’m sorry girls on the west coast, but girls on the east coast are just way more chill than you. They are easy to hang out with, have more independence, and are much more low-maintenance. Anyways, if it weren’t for Meagan’s friends, I would have had an awful trip…so I am very grateful.

Scariest moment of the trip - I took a city bus from downtown Baltimore through the GHETTO to get to my bus that would take me back to NY. I never felt in danger, but it was such a trip to see some really sketchy people get on and off this bus. Easily half the bus at one point was cracked out/meth heads who looked at me like I was a Thanksgiving turkey or something. Anyways, I finally get off the bus, and realize im still 1.4 miles away from the bus stop where I was to be picked up. Keep in mind, I have all my luggage. So here I am now, trudging through the forest making a straight line for my bus stop, phone out staring at google maps to guide me, holding my suitcase with the otherhand, in the pouring rain…it was not my brightest moment. But I made my bus, and even made friends with a 15 yr old asian girl who was obsessed with harry potter on the bus. So strange, but I love strange so eff it right?

My takeaway - New York is a great place. It operates so much different than Cali. Public trans is the bees knees. The bars were better. People are just more real out there…but there really is no place like So Cal. The weather, the scenery, the flexibility of things to do..I love LA. That being said, my next vacation is going to be somewhere I can relax a bit more. New York was exhausting. I think I want to go to the Philippines or Hawaii next. Somewhere tropical where I can live like a king for a while. Any takers? :) Summer 2014.


Dating: Phase 1 - The Male Response

Hello everyone. Today is a perspective switch for you. A friend of mine, Katie, writes a lovely blog that I really enjoy reading. She captures emotions of an awkward twentysomething pretty much spot on, probably because she is one. Lucky for her, and you, I am in the same boat. Today is the y chromosome flipside of her latest article “Dating: Phase 1”. Here is a link so you have some background…


Read it and then come back here. I’ll wait…

Oh good! You’re back…they always come back ;)


Dating sucks balls for us dudes. Have you girls ever been anywhere around a bunch of guys talking, and they don’t know a girl is around? Your poor cute little ears…That is how we wish we could talk all the time. But dates are the EXACT opposite. I think I feel more comfortable in a job interview than I do on a first date. Every sentence you say is WIDELY critiqued. Do you think we don’t know that pretty much anything we say that could have any implication of any baggage is IMMEDIATELY texted to all of your friends for judgment? That is why each and every word spoken has to be wisely chosen…to save you overly self-conscious ladies the burden of having to over-analyze anything. (I know…technically that means IM over-analyzing, but better me than her) (WHAT A GENTLEMAN!!!)

Step 1 - LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT? Meet girl. Play it cool. Cooler. ok…now thats too cool, you seem uninterested. Funny joke! Witty comment! You’re in, bro. Wait till they leave, look at all your friends, smile and nod, and call your dibs.


Text her. NO DICK PICS, bro!! I know you just got snapchat and you’re excited to use it, but you know what they say “Put it away, or you’ll ruin her day”. Ask her on a date (without using the word date, keep it low key even if you both know what it is) and be charming without being a douche, and if you like her don’t let her pay for anything unless she forces you. Get drinks and get buzzed, but not drunk. You don’t want to find out what kind of drunk she is yet, you both just need to be loosened up. First date is going to be awkward at times, but its part of the package deal. The end of a first date is usually the clearest sign of how things went…almost like a date report card. (A for effort doesn’t count anymore)

Step 3 - OH, WE JUST CHILLIN Hang out in non-date situations. Remember, when you date someone, they are also dating your friends, so get them comfortable with them. If you bring someone around and they don’t meet/like your friends…that’s how you start to get alienated and NOBODY wants that. Be proud of the friends you have, and itll show. Unfortunately, if you hang around this stage too long, FRIENDZONED, you lose. You can let down your guard a little more now and start using more vulgar language if it goes well ;) You also start to fool around more in this stage…which leads to…

Step 4 - THIS IS WHERE THINGS GET WEIRD (as you can see Katie and I are on the same page here)

Girls start over analyzing EVERYTHING in a much more personal way than a first date. Forget about hanging out with friends from high school (if they are girls) because they will be like “…oh…I’ve never heard you mention them before…” then BOOM. argument. This is an important stage none the less though, because you truly learn who they are as a person, and not who they were just on the dates you’ve been on. The biggest mistake people make here is getting comfortable too quickly, if they aren’t who you thought they were, its time to get out. Because you don’t want it to lead to the next stage.


This conversation.. “Hey, so I have something to ask you…what are we?”

Ugh. I hate this conversation. When that sentence is spoken, it can either feel like an anchor dropping on your heart, or like angels fluttering all around you, which makes the answer easy (easy to know, not easy to say). I feel like that question shouldn’t be asked unless its obvious the answer for both parties is going to be “I think we are made for each other and we should consider taking it to the next level, how many babies do you want?”. Otherwise…things don’t just get weird…they get ugly. But otherwise, yay, now the only question left is…is she wifey material?


My personal experience hasn’t been passed Step 5. So this is where my expertise will have to end. As much as girls think they are being awkward and goofy, they forget that guys are much more understanding and unassuming than girls are. We don’t read into anything, we don’t judge as hard, and our main goal is truly just to find someone who makes us happy and we can have fun with. There have been plenty of awkward girls in my life who do both of those things. So embrace your awkwardness, both men and women, because without it, you’d make your significant other feel way too self-conscious. And now to end with a whimsical quote that has nothing to do with relationships.

"I guess it seems that everybody’s looking to find their own paradise, but it aint on Earth, its up there in Heaven, and someday we’re all gonna die." - Coconut Pete


Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do…But Never Will For Obvious Reasons

1) Go up to a female stranger, walk right up to her, get face to face, run my fingers through her hair and laughily whisper “..what are we doing?” and then kinda push her away aggressively and go “…we cant do this. I love you..” and then jump into a sewer drain.

2) You know how you have those friends on facebook you don’t talk to anymore..like in years, but they are mildly attractive to you, so you keep them around to keep tabs on their personal life? I want to write really outright sexually obscene things on their wall. They’ll see the notification and be like “Dustin? I havent heard from him in years…” and then theyll open it all optimistically like “aww I wonder what he has to say….” and then BAM. Hit them with the hard stuff.

3) Start a trend of leaving the bathroom door unlocked at work.

4) Hire a cabana boy to follow me around with a banana leaf and grapes for a day. Preferably Filipino and hairless.

5) Run onto the field at Dodger Stadium, but have people bet against how far they think I can make it (or how long) so it covers my bail.

6) Open a souvenir shop at a public restroom.

7) Send a Raven to Kings Landing w/ a note attached saying “CAAWW!!!”. Just so Joffrey ponders if the raven sent itself for a few seconds…

8) Go on a first date and drive somewhere really far and leave them there. Because thats what you get for trusting a stranger.

9) Try to out “crazy” everyone at the DMV. Maybe wear a gasmask and practice my breakdancing while im there.

10) Open a golf course completely ran by midgets so that everytime they announce the next person on the tee, it sounds like the Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz.


Game of Thrones Message Board

Ok, so I had this idea last night watching Game of Thrones, that it would be great to see all the characters interact on a message board thread. So here is a conversation between all your favorite lords and ladies of Westoros with some random guests thrown in…

*Baelish entered the conversation*

*Baelish has changed privacy settings to “public” *

*Varys entered the conversation*

Varys - Hello Lord Baelish, what grumblings have we been intercepting today?

Baelish - You don’t have any balls.

Varys - *rolls eyes*

*King Joffrey entered the conversation*

King Joffrey - You will address the king OR ILL HAVE YOUR HEAD!

Baelish - Yes your grace.

Varys - Yes your grace.

King Joffrey - Where’s Mother?

*Cersei Lannister entered the conversation*

King Joffrey - Mother, they didnt address me!

Cersei - Yes well *sips wine* not every *sips wine* body can *gulps wine* can have the *sips wine* manners of a *chugs wine* Lannister.

*Daenarys Stormborn entered the conversation*

Missandei - Now presenting Daenarys Stormborn, Mother of Dragons,  Direct descendent of Aegon Targaryan..etc..etc..w/e…


Cersei - *sips wine* this bitch…

King Joffrey - MOTHER! Don’t let her speak that way to the king!

*Ned Stark joins the conversation*

King Joffrey - Wait, I thought you were dead!

Ned - Back from the dead. No longer just an anonymous star on the wall at MI6.

King Joffrey - What?

Ned - Sorry, wrong movie. lol

*Hodor entered the conversation*

Hodor - *whispers* Hodor.

*Bran Stark entered the conversation*

Bran - Shutup! Sorry everyone he’s retarded o_0

*Freddy Krueger entered the conversation*

*Bran Stark has left the conversation*

Freddy - Damnit.

*Freddy Krueger has left the conversation*

*Tyrion Lannister entered the conversation*

Tyrion - I’m like the Stewie Griffin of Westoros, right?

Varys - lol ^^^ he is good at this game….of thrones ;)

Baelish - *scoff* that was dreadful.

Hodor - Hodor.

*Margaery enters the conversation*

Margaery - I can’t wait to get naked.

Tyrion - …prove it?

Cersei - Not very queen-like…

Daenarys - I was naked already! WITH FIRE! AND BLOOD!!

*Jon Snow entered the conversation*

*Ygritte entered the conversation*

Ygritte - I am his, and he is mine.

Jon Snow - Yeh. What she said.

Tyrion - Excuse me Jon Snow, but dont you think its funny that Ygritte lives in the Tundra, but doesnt have any hair on her body? She looks just about as hairless as a little girl…if I were in your situation….

*Sansa Stark entered the conversation*

Tyrion - …hmph…wonderful timing..

Ygritte - I am his, and he is mine. Tell him Jon..

Jon Snow - Yes…we’ve established this :\

Sansa - Im such a styupid little gurl.

Ned - Im alive!

Sansa - Dad!

Ned - lol jk, did you know gullible isn’t in the dictionary?

Sansa - It’s not?!

Ned - lol jk again.

Sansa - :(

*Tywin Lannister entered the conversation*

*Tyrion Lannister has left the conversation*

*Cersei Lannister has left the conversation*

*King Joffrey has left the conversation*

*Jamie Lannister entered the conversation*

Jamie - Dad, I’m on my way back to Kings Landing.

Tywin - Good, your sister and brother are useless. We could use a hand.

Jamie - About that…

*Arya Stark entered the conversation*

Arya - Am I late?

Ned - Yes, by about 6 mins.

Arya - *wink* *nudge* the same 6 mins you gave me? right?

Ned - lol i c wut u did there

*Theon Greyjoy entered the conversation*

Theon - HELP ME! HELP ME! MERCY!!!! AAHH!!!!

Arya - Fuck off.

Ned - Fuck off.

Sansa - Fuck off.

*Gordon Ramsey has entered the conversation*

Gordon - Fuck off!

*Theon Greyjoy has left the conversation*

*Rob Stark entered the conversation*

Tyrion - phew. Close one…that coulda been bad lol

Rob - I love my wife. I have a war to fight but she looks so good naked!

Margaery - I can’t wait to get naked.

Tyrion - I assure you, you will, its HBO…

*Every fan of the show ever entered the conversation*

Fans - YES!!!!!!

Hodor - Hodor.

Admin has closed chatroom due to excessive traffic.


Daily Flow of Consciousness

This morning while going through my wake up-shower-get dressed-leave for work routine, I got to thinking about how those times of the day when you stop actively thinking and just use your cerebellum to do menial tasks, is actually the best time your brain goes into “flow of consciousness” mode. You start thinking about all these random thoughts that are spit out at you at a high rate. The problem is…I am strange, and my random thoughts jump around from being morbid, perverted, spontaneous, or on the rare occassion, pleasant.

So here is an example of a morning routine flow of consciousness. All actions will be in between asterisks ** and thoughts will be written out. For the record, this is NSFW…

*wake up to roll over and hit sleep* x3

*finally wake up* *turn off alarm* *delete junk email* *go to check facebook and turn it off while its loading because I don’t actually care* *roll out of bed*

fuck im already late. why’d I check facebook?

that was like 2 seconds, it didnt matter anyway. stop thinking about it and get in the shower.

Don’t forget you have softball after work so bring your clothes.

damnit bryan why do you never hit the thingy down on the shower faucet, the water gets hotter quicker if you start it as a bath and then pull up on the thingy…

*get in shower*

dont forget your softball clothes.

damnit I never know the right amount of shampoo to use and I am NOT going back for more, whatever nobody will notice anyway

*get out of shower* i forgot to manscape again…eh, as if it matters porky…

stupid foggy mirrors, now I can’t see how good/bad I look (depends on the day)

*hears gabby cooking breakfast* ugh banana pancakes sound so good…maybe ill get some on the way…NOPE IM LATE - STARBUCKS

*brush teeth* fuck you teeth

*shave if necessary* fuck you shaving you suck worse than brushing teeth

*get back to room and do some naked stretching because I can* *bent over hamstring stretch* I really hope someone walks in right now

*Harley (our dog) runs in* OH SH..oh…silly dog *offer good morning to a creature that has no clue what im talking about whilst nude*

*lotion up* I wonder if other guys smell lotion on me and just think ive been masturbating all morning…

hmm do I want to look good today or feel comfortable today…*puts on jeans tshirt and sneakers* *grab wallet, phone, keys, pills, jacket*

What am I doing after work, do I have everything I need? sweet.

*say goodbye to whoevers awake* *get in car and start driving* *put on kevin and bean* of course its commercials, its always commerc…AWW MY SOFTBALL CLOTHES!!!

That probably barely scratched the surface of a full morning, but its at least the highlights. One day I’ll be able to control my thoughts, but to be honest I enjoy the fact I can entertain myself even when doing boring tasks. I think life would be a lot less boring if we were unable to bottle up this stuff…

Happy Friday everyone!



Twenty Five and Still Alive


First of all, I miss writing. It used to be my favorite way to ventilate the ol’ noggin…but to be dustin (being frank is so 1950’s) I’ve been just sorta cruisin’ through life lately. Haven’t had much to say…but once I sit down and start typing it allll comes back to me.

 Most of my posts are usually much more comical than this one, so sorry if this seems a bit too…drab. LIFE IS DRAB AND THEN YOU CEASE TO EXIST. jk. but seriously. ok here we go…This post is about my life’s general observations I’ve been able to analyze now that I’m 25. I assume most of you will be able to empathize with just about all of the below listed in some sort of capacity.

1) Is having sex with animals really that bad?


ok ok..

The real 1) I probably won’t be able to live on my own until I’m 28

This is more of an acceptance of an inevitability than anything else. It’s tough being a mid-20’s male these days when its impossible to get ahead financially. All you really want to do is get your life started, but the only way to save up for that would be to move back home…one step back for two steps forward…

2) As I get older I love my musical taste more and more

I think there is something more to this one than it seems. Maybe its just that you start to be more true to yourself, and really find yourself musically. The music I love lately has so much more of a connection to me than ever before. Speaking of which, I am going to Governor’s Ball Music Festival in NY in 1 month and I can’t effing wait. UGH testicles.

3) My body is slowly breaking down and it scares me

I am mostly scared because I’ve never taken so long to heal from injury before. My speed is getting slower, my reaction time has suffered, my joints feel rickety, my mechanics are falling apart and my judgment is totally off. Its the beginning stages of being a washed up veteran doing used car dealership commercials. I love sushi…maybe a Japanese team will sign me? Jk. But seriously, I just want to go back to when I’d eat shit and then just pop right back up and be totally fine. I got hit in the back with a pitch last Sunday, and I’ve been a blubbering little bitch about it the past week…but seriously…it hurts.

4) Boys rule, girl’s drool

Ok I am going to be as sensitive as I can with this one. Let me start off with this:

The girls in my life deserve to be in it. My close girl friends all blow my mind with how amazing they are, and any man, including myself would be lucky to date them. That being said, the rest of the girls in the universe absolutely have failed to keep their game up with the male gender. It’s hard to measure in specific terms, but the main thing comes down to self-sufficiency and dependability. I know FAR more females than males who have no real direction in life and really are not self-sufficient. Also, boys are better friends to one another. We are more reliable, honest, and encouraging it seems…

I know this doesn’t go for all you women out there, but girl’s definitely tend to be more selfish regarding sharing feelings. I can’t tell you how many bad days I’ve had that have been compounded by listening to a female vent about how “awful” their day was because there was a long line at Starbucks.

I’ve had lengthy conversations with my mom about this. She reminds me every time what a catch I am and that one day someone will appreciate me exactly the way I am (such a Jewish mother..)…and she’ll be a career girl, with great values and a caring heart. Gotta love my mom…but every time we have this conversation it ends with me saying “these girls don’t exist…”

I can’t wait to be proven wrong.

5) The more I know about sports…the less I know about sports

Needless to say, I am kind of a sports guy. In fact, I am sort of what you call a “man’s man”. I play poker, drink dark beer, play sports, watch sports, gamble, work out, etc…but it seems lately that the more I think I know about sports, the more misled I am becoming. I can’t win a fantasy league to save my life lately, I haven’t bet on sports in a long time because I suck at it. I used to be awesome at this kind of thing, but lately I just lost my touch. I guess that’s why I enjoy sports so much though…the unpredictability.

6) Your job will consume your life, and its up to you to figure the rest out

I wake up at 7, shower, get ready, sit in traffic for almost an hour, and get to work by 9, I get off between 6-7, sit in traffic, get home around 7-8. My bedtime is usually around midnight. That leaves 5 hours of time to do STUFF…if I’m lucky. STUFF includes work out, laundry, see friends, relax, cook/pickup dinner, softball, and any other random STUFF that comes up. Clearly 5 hours is not enough time for this madness, but what choice do we have. ‘Merica!

I could keep going but I gotta get back to work. I am going to make an attempt to write more often. (about more jovial things in the future, hopefully) Thanks for reading. and please give me your input.